With Pacific Northwest Building Inspections, building inspections can often be scheduled within 24 hours. By the end of the inspection, a comprehensive electronic report, with supporting documentation and digital pictures, is available for your immediate review. Call 206-679-8886 today to schedule your inspection today. 

A Company You Can Trust

Whether it’s a dream home or a new commercial asset, you want to enlist the services of an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained inspection company to ensure the greatest return on your real estate investment.

Pacific Northwest Building Inspections (PNBI) has been providing real estate building inspections for the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area since 1994. With competitive pricing and superior service, Pacific Northwest Building Inspections is one of the most qualified and most recommended inspection firms in the area.


Commercial Inspections

Commercial property typically involves a significant investment. Every building, whether an apartment building, storage facility, or grocery store, needs to be completely inspected prior to purchase in order to properly protect that investment.

A key part of commercial inspections is infrared thermography. An infrared inspection of electrical panels and machinery helps identify areas that consume higher amounts of energy than necessary. Infrared thermography can also identity potential water leaks in the overall structure of the building.

Request infrared thermography with your inspection before you close the sale to find any issues that may cost hundreds of thousands to repair later.


Infrared Thermographic Inspections

Pacific Northwest Building Inspections considers an infrared camera to be one of the most important tools in an inspector’s tool bag. A scientific process that essentially measures thermal or infrared energy, infrared thermography can detect insulation, air leakage, water, electrical, heating, and cooling problems.

Without any disruptive – or destructive – exploration, Pacific Northwest Building Inspections can discover water leaks around windows, doors, interior and exterior walls, roofs, and water pipes. Wall insulation and the heating and cooling efficiency of windows and doors can also be assessed by using an infrared camera.