Home Inspection Services

What do you get when you hire Pacific Northwest Building Inspections to inspect your potential dream house?

  • Expertise. Pacific Northwest Building Inspections has conducted over 3,000 inspections in the Seattle / Puget Sound area and has the expertise to provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive overview of the property you intend to buy.
  • Knowledge. Because of the thoroughness of each home inspection, you will have complete insight into every existing issue – and even potential future concerns – that may affect not only the purchase price, but also whether or not you proceed with the transaction.
  • Peace of mind. Most of all, you can be assured that you will know, after a Pacific Northwest Building Inspections home inspection, if your intended purchase is right for you.

What Kind of Inspections Does PNBI Conduct?

Pacific Northwest Building Inspections takes advantage of the most advanced technology available today so a full report will be generated onsite at the conclusion of the inspection. Pacific Northwest Building Inspections incorporates digital (and infrared upon request) photographs taken during the inspection into the report.

Through a unique process, Pacific Northwest Building Inspections creates the findings and components directory pages with referenced photographs to incorporate into the Uniform Building Inspection Report Manual for distribution to the client.


Comprehensive Home Inspection

Pacific Northwest Building Inspections will examine every aspect of your property, including:

• Foundation
• Retaining walls
• Grading
• Driveways and walkways
• Attic
• Basement and crawl spaces
• Roof and gutters
• Siding and trim
• Ceilings
• Walls
• Floors
• Doors and windows
• Chimney and fireplace
• Ventilation
• Major appliances
• Electrical systems
• Water heater
• Plumbing systems
• Heating systems
• Air conditioning
• Porches and decks
• Spas or hot tubs